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Doctor Consultation on HealthUno Increased By 64% In A Single Day

February 25, 2022by adminhealthuno

Doctor Consultation on HealthUno Increased By 64% In A Single Day

February 25, 2022 by admin

Indians on average in a year, undertake three doctor consultations. Each doctor consultation results in one pharma prescription, and likewise, every 3.5 doctor consultations result in a diagnostic test being suggested.

Doctor consultations in India have traditionally stayed offline. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic however saw online doctor consultations see a massive jump. According to a study report on the ‘Outpatient Healthcare Market in India’ by Praxis Global Alliance, the online market size of online doctor consultation, which was only US$26 million in March 2020, jumped to US$ 163 million by March 2021, on an annualized run-rate basis. This is expected to leapfrog to US$ 836 million by March 2024, a phenomenal jump of over 72%. The study report also revealed that one in 35 consultations would be online by 2024.

The number of doctor consultations in India crossed 4 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow at 13% over the next three years.

With the pandemic still lurking, incidents of online doctor consultation are soaring with each passing day. Healthcare technology is bringing about a sea change across all areas of healthcare, thereby addressing traditional challenges. It has significantly eased the monotonous task of booking a medical specialist appointment online. Today, patients can not only make a doctor’s appointment online easily but can also access and manage their medical records in an easy-to-access digital format.

Online Doctor Consultation In Healthuno

Among the major digital healthcare companies that will be playing a key role in the doctor consultations segment, Healthuno plays a major role in India. Healthuno, a leading integrated healthcare platform, provides online medical consultation and offers a healthcare kiosk with immediate vitals and pharmacy.

In January 2022, online doctor consultations in HealthUno, a leading integrated healthcare company, recorded a huge jump of over 64%, in a single day. Daily online doctor consultations went up by more than 2.5 times since the start of 2022. This is the highest single-day rise in online doctor consultation in 120 days, since the decrease in the deadly second COVID-19 pandemic wave.

Most of the online doctor consultation queries have come from metro cities. They were for health issues ranging from sore throat to headache, body pain, fever, and stuffy nose. Patients were also eager to know about Omicron spread, Covid-19 vaccine booster doses, and vaccines for children.

Reasons for the Increase In Online Doctor Consultation Via Healthuno

The phenomenal spurt in online doctor consultation in HealthUno during the pandemic has been attributed to

EASE OF CONVENIENCE: Booking appointments with specialized doctors is easy with quick access, and options to choose from at the click of a button.

SPEED: Doctors can be consulted quickly, usually within a few minutes to hours.

ACCESSIBILITY: With information available online, doctors/patients can access (read, store, and manage) patients’ health records anytime, anywhere. This helps patients make informed decisions regarding their treatment.

ACCURACY: With access to cross-specialty information, doctors can suggest and improve the accuracy of treatment.

SAFETY: With the COVID-19 virus still lurking around, patients feel consulting doctors online is much safer.

Apart from the above, patients’ can fix doctor’s appointments online per their preferences and location. This helps in saving time and also in managing medical expenses efficiently.


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