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Don’t sweat it! 5 Tips to Get Rid of Body Odour This Summer

Don’t sweat it! 5 Tips to Get Rid of Body Odour This Summer

May 1, 2022 by admin

Welcome to high sweating season, a time of the year when even the most stink-free person may find themselves sweating through their deodorant like it’s nothing. Sweat is one of the most common and humiliating summer problems. Regrettably, like many other problems, it does not appear on its own. Sweat brings with it an unavoidable companion: body odour – which is the actual cause of embarrassment.

The problem of body odour is especially prevalent in the summer when the scorching heat results in excessive sweating. Even the most tried-and-tested products can’t mask the bad body odour that settles in during the hot summer months. It’s not fun to be aware that you don’t smell great. Fortunately, there are ways that can help you eliminate body odour. Try these five tips this summer to get rid of body odour and feel refreshed even if the summer has you feeling, well, not so fresh.

What causes body odor?

Summers can be horrific for those who have body odour, as well as those who do not normally have this awkward problem. Not just during summers, you can also experience excessive sweating while exercising, working, or feeling stressed. Whatever the reason is, sweating serves a purpose. 

Sweating helps to maintain your normal body temperature and cools down the body when the temperature rises.  As soon as our body temperature rises, the sweat glands present in your body send signals to the brain to release sweat. However, this is different from the “emotional sweating” that occurs when you feel stressed or nervous.

How does odourless sweat make you stink?

Sweat has no odour of its own. Sweat, on the other hand, contains proteins that is broken down into acid by bacteria. This causes body odour. Sweating from any part of your body, however, does not result in body odour. The body parts that stink the most are the underarms, groin, and pubic area. This is due to sweat being released into hair follicles in these areas.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the amount of sweat you produce as well as the number of bacteria that accumulates on your skin and produce body odour. Whether it’s do-it-yourself remedies or simple lifestyle changes, these expert-backed tips will help you feel and smell better—no matter how hot the weather is.

1. Use an antiperspirant or natural deodorant over deodorant

A deodorant will just help you get rid of body odour, whereas an antiperspirant will help you control sweat. Aluminum, an active ingredient in the antiperspirant helps in reducing sweat. It is recommended to use an antiperspirant while sleeping.

You can also use natural deodorants as they can be usually softer on the skin. Natural deodorants do not contain compounds such as aluminum, parabens, and phthalates. Therefore, they do not cause your underarms to burn, unlike the regular deodorants.

2. Wear lightweight, breathable fabrics

Another cardinal rule, particularly in the summer season, is to wear dresses made from cotton, jute, khadi, and other natural materials. Avoid synthetic clothing that does not let the air circulate. Some synthetic materials can also trap sweat and bacteria resulting in body odour.

Avoid tight clothing as well as it can trap heat and cause you to sweat. Therefore, pay special attention to the clothes that you choose to wear during the summer season.  Wear easy-fitting, soft clothing that allows the skin to breathe, reduces sweating, and thus keeps your body cool.

Many people are accustomed to repeating their clothes, including innerwear. This could be a major cause of your body odour. Also, remember to take a warm bath after you get home from the gym. Change sweaty sportswear as quickly as possible. They are fertile grounds for bacteria.

3. Eat Healthy Foods

Primarily, you must watch what you eat. Avoid garlic and onion-based foods that have a strong odour. You will be surprised, but such foods have a wide range of effects on your body. Begin to consume cooling foods and drinks in addition to plain water.

Take plenty of coconut water, lime water, and juices. Consume plenty of salads and fruits on a daily basis. Green vegetables are a natural deodorizer, and eating green salads will not only keep your skin fresh but will also help to clear it of impurities. Consume probiotic foods like curd and yogurt that gives the required Vitamin D to your body and reduces odour-causing bacterial growth.

4. Take Bath Twice A Day

Showering twice a day, even if only for five minutes, is essential in the summer. Most people dread taking a bath because it takes up too much of their time. However, it is required. Optionally, you can add alum to your water, which has an anti-bacterial and antiseptic property, that can keep your body odour at bay.

5. Maintain Your Underarms

You need to pay special attention to your armpits during summer as they are the breeding grounds of bacteria. As previously stated, the odour is caused by the hair follicles where your sweat breaks. Therefore, it is essential to keep your underarms shaved to get rid of body odour.

Instead of using a deodorant or antiperspirant, you can go for cleansing and exfoliating underarm pads. These pads use plant-derived enzymes to develop balanced skin. They are made with the AHA glycolic acid and anti-microbial peptides that can keep the odor-causing bacteria at bay without clogging your pores. Furthermore, as they are free of aluminum and baking soda, they are suitable for sensitive skin too.


These simple yet highly effective ways of reducing body odour will help you feel and smell better this summer. If you experience excessive sweating and body odour, consulting a doctor would help you find out the exact cause and solution. Consult with our general physician online from the comfort of your home.

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